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About Us

I remember the day I told my family I was moving to Maine to open a pizza shop and them saying “You? The guy who chased the sun to Arizona and would bark and holler at every snow fall” – yes me!

It was all pretty serendipities really, It was 2006 and I was delivering machine parts from Boston to Bangor to a factory when I first came up here. And it didn’t take more than 15 minutes for me to realize I needed to move up here.

So here I am, a city guy looking to move to Maine, but why?

The community!

What I saw that serendipities day was that people cared! They care about one another, they care about being from here, and they care about environment. And I knew this is a community I want to be a part of and do business with.

Welcome to Pizzaland because we care.

Pizzaland Difference

Saying we care and showing you we care is what we are all about.

All of our products are grown locally and bought locally. Along with the best local products money can buy, let me put my 20 years of restaurant experience to the test. Everything we make is made in house, cooked to order, never frozen and never short of good ole’ TLC!!!